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White Sand and Stone


We're Proud Of The Changes That We Guided People Toward 


"My hypnotherapy session with Chris was very beneficial in helping me navigate a difficult hurdle in my life. His professionalism and ability to skillfully hold space was evident from our first discovery call--all the way through our second follow-up. I felt safe, secure and comfortable to go deep within myself throughout our session. I also experienced a really big emotional release. I would highly recommend Chris' services to anyone needing a safe healing ally and I look forward to experiencing more of his work.

- Kelly B.

"Chris literally changed my life.  I was depressed and had suffered from anxiety for years. After two sessions with him, I felt calm, confident and got my life back. He was able to guide me to release stuck emotions from my childhood and he restored my mind to see things more clearly. Words alone cannot express my gratitude. I understand hypnotherapy is not magic but it sure seems like.  Chris is an expert. I strongly recommend him for anyone who want so change how they feel and how they are living. 

- Katie H.

"Chris made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him. With this being my first hypnotherapy session, I didn't know what to expect. Chris took the time to explain the process very clearly.  His voice is very calming and nice to listen to during hypnosis. Afterwards, he followed up a few times to see how I felt and how the process was being integrated. It was great to talk about the integration process.  Chris also provided suggestions for me to incorporate into my daily routine, which I have done.  Overall it was a great experience and personal after services. I recommend Chris 100%!"  

- Ilse D.

"I saw Chris to overcome nail biting. I had such a bad habit of biting my nails most of my adult life. It was a habit that always had my hands looking horrible and it was a distraction to many parts of my life. I had never had hypnotherapy before but I heard it could help me change. Chris was great! He guided me to see a few things in my deep mind from the past.  It was amazing how clear the experience was. He gave me an anchor if I felt the urge to bite my nails and this anchor works everytime--even if I don't think about it. I can't say enough about how happy I feel to be free from biting my nails.  Thank you Chris!".
- Patrick T.

"In the midst of a panic attack my sister recommended that I see Chris. He generously freed his schedule and guided me to feel grounded in a distressed time. During the hypnotherapy, he managed to bring me deep into some issues that I did not realize were actual issues. He helped me release my sadness and so many other feelings that I needed to let go of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chris".

- Tamina K.

"I saw Chris for hypnotherapy to stop having fear when flying.  It is unbelievable!!!  My first flight was a day after the hypnotherapy session and I wasn't afraid at all!!!  I flew two more times after that and it's a miracle. Now flying in an airplane opens me to a new perspective"

- Mila R.

Relationship Coaching

"Chris is kind and caring. I immediately felt he is genuine and had my best interest in mind.  Together we dove deep and achieved big emotional releases and healing from my past, while feeling safe in his presence. Chris knows, either intuitively or through his experience, what is truth and what is a trick of the mind.  This means going to the point without wasting time. I want to underline that he knows really well how to interpret what the mind comes up with.  This is something that impressed me a lot, because not once had I felt he was wrong about something or where we needed to focus. Chris pays attention to the aftercare too. He called a few times to check in with my integration an to answer questions (I typically had a lot of them).  Overall, I felt cared for and safe.  I made real progress each time I had a session.  I highly recommend working with Chris."

- Ra B. (hypnotherapy and coaching)

"My husband and I had a dream relationship for the first two years. But right after we got married, reality kicked in hard and we started to see cracks in our relationship. We are two people who deeply love one another but could not have been more different. We often misunderstood one another, we see things from different perspectives, it really felt like we came from a different planet. Communication was frustrating and difficult. Intimacy was scarce and we were co-existing but we were not happy.  After a few years of trying to keep it together, we decided to get help.  That's when we decided to work with Chris.  I'm so grateful a that a friend recommend Chris to us.  
After a few sessions with him, we saw a huge change in the dynamics of our relationship. Chris masterfully had insight to the root cause of our problems and guided us to dissolve the barriers.  His "homework" tools are fun, creative and inspired us n many ways.  
A few months ago I felt so frustrated and trapped. With Chris' expertise, our relationship is blooming again.  We are getting along so well now, it's hard to imagine when we were not.  I am excited about our future together.  Tommie and I couldn't be more grateful for Chris and is creative skillset.  

- Audrey and Tommie N.

"I started working with Chris two months ago, and I cannot believe the change in my life. I have clarity for the first time in years, I can practically see my future. The sheer motivation and support that I get from him is amazing. I cannot stress how fantastic he is with guiding a path with a plan. For once in my life I am excited to be alive! 10/10"

- Annie M.

"Chris is awesome! I worked with him to change jobs. During a down-sizing, my company let me go.

I began working with Chris for coaching to figure out what I should do and how to do it. His guidance during our one-on-one sessions really worked for me. So, I began working with him to assist me with changing my career. Never would I have imagined that I would change from being a senior financial manager to a licensed real estate agent. I love it! I now have my own business and am happy earning my living."      ​

- Larry J.

"Christopher is a serious game changer! When I met him, I was distraught, overweight, and depressed from having a baby. I was kind of lost on my journey and just had no idea how to get out and build myself up again. Christopher changed all of that. His friendly yet direct approach to coaching was the push I needed to positively change my life. I cannot recommend Christopher enough! He truly saved me from going the wrong way and I'm forever grateful."

- Michelle M.K.

"I have found a new life by working with Christopher. He knew exactly how to lead me down the road of personal discovery so that I could realize what kind of work and company that I wanted to work for. I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with him."  

- Mitch C.

"Chris is great! He knows how to coach the right way and is an excellent listener. He knew how to set the right pace for me too. I had a lot to process and had a hard time seeing how I could be more or different. He is about the whole system--body, mind and being functional in a busy world. He genuinely cares about people above all and will guide you to change. Thank you so much Chris!"

- Paul T.

"I knew Chris was different from the moment I met him. Chris has a unique approach to helping people achieve their wellness goals and I love his total body health philosophy. There is no doubt in my mind that if you stick to the customized plan he creates, you will get amazing results. If you are looking for a coach that will hold you accountable and maximize your potential, then you need to work with Chris!"

- Dr. Joe S.

"Chris is an amazing business coach!!!  I came to him with a panicked mind and no clue how to start my ​clothing store business. I actually thought I knew how to do it and had a family friend helping me. Once it came to the legal parts, inventory, pricing and all of the details that matter--I almost lost my mind. Chris helped me get structured and organized my flow. I feel beyond indebted for how much he helped me learn about myself while opening a store. I recommend new business owners to work with Chris. He will show you the right way to do it all."

- Cathy K.

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