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Woman's Empowerment

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Why Our Process Works

A woman who has a sense of self-worth can flow without resistance.

She is then able to determine her own choices

while influencing social changes for herself and the community. 

Our Woman Empowerment Coach

Integrates Bodywork Through Movement, Mindful Meditations &

Learning Love Techniques To:

  • Guide you to changing unnecessary habits by releasing emotions while committing to healthier thoughts and behaviors so that you feel lighter and empowered. 

  • Lead you to reach your goals and feel a sense of achievement​.


  • Navigate you through life changing situations

      (divorce, relocation,

change of career).​

  • Teach you how to release and cope with negative feelings

      (body image, self esteem,                               


  • Transform your relationship with yourself, others and the world around you.​

  • Anchor a strong sense of personal value and belief in yourself.

anxiety, depression).

What To Expect

Alma, an expert in Woman's Transformation, has transformed the lives of women across the globe. She has a gentle approach for guiding self realization and personal healing so that the right balance of feminine energy is brought to surface.   ​

 ​Women who commit to working with Alma can expect to: 

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Alma logo.png
Alma logo.png

heal their emotional wounds,

feel empowered with a clear mind and

have confident about her future.

* Alma fluently speaks English and Russian.

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