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White Sand and Stone

Relationship Coaching

Self Love & Trust 
Are The Foundation
Of A Healthy Relationship 

Our relationship coach
has created a transformation model
that leads couples to
     build a foundation of trust by:  

- communicating beyond words,
- being intimate through vulnerability & 
- creating mutual respect

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We Specialize In Helping Couples Work Through


Communication Challenges 

We all communicate through the energy projection of intention.

We are also conditioned to hear our partner based on perceptions and how we feel at that particular moment.    

A balanced nurturing relationship requires more than words and understanding the popular five love languages.


Our Relationship Coach will anchor you both into a space so that you feel heard, seen and understood.

Intimacy & Infidelity Obstacles

Connecting with your partner beyond sex is required for life energy to flow with vibrancy. Being vulnerable enough to express emotions and creating spiritual and recreational experiences are also key to bringing intimacy into your relationship.


For those who feel the value in the relationship after infidelity, trust must be restored and the emotional pain must be released. 


Our Relationship Coach has a profound approach for leading couples to the path of their passion.    


Relieving Tension Points

Triggers can be activated by your partner's habits, personalty differences, money, perceptions of what is acceptable and when one may feel controlled by the other. Typically your partner is your trigger - not your wound. With this, a relationship can elevate with a clear path once tension is released. 

Our Relationship Coach will guide you out of the space of tension and bring the relationship to a state of calm. 

Masculine-Feminine Imbalances

The subtle energy that we all possess is displayed through specific traits. Typically there is an imbalance within a relationship when one or both people show up with the improper energy. Understanding and connecting to your core energy will enable you to show up in the relationship appropriately.  Ultimately this results in a harmonious relationship. 

Blending holistic and traditional techniques, our Relationship Coach will guide you to becoming the conscious observer of your masculine and feminine traits.  

Before The Session 

There will be a short review of some basic administrative questions.

We will discuss the relationship challenge and how you would both like to feel like after we work together.

Session boundaries will be agreed upon.

If possible, this portion is done via a courtesy phone call with both of you, prior to our first meeting. 

This portion takes about 15 minutes

What To Expect

During The Session

Expect to sit near your partner and be connected to your emotions.

We will discuss the goals, relationship challenges, and explore solutions that can get you where you want to be in the relationship.

You will both have equal time to share.

You will receive homework in the form of individual and partner exercises.

This portion lasts about 1.5 hours

After The Session

You will receive accountability and support messages.

You will integrate the homework exercises into your relationship.

You are expected to do all homework provided. 

This is when the change occurs. Showing up for yourself and your partner after our sessions will lead you to where you want to be.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How soon can I expect the relationship to get better?

Answer: Change is a process. There are many variables that determine when you may experience a sense of lightness from relationship tension and when you'll arrive at your goal(s).

The intent at the end of each session is to guide you both into a grounded space so that tension is less and so that you can see eachother more clearly.   

Question: How often do we need to have a session?

Answer: This depends on the tension status of the relationship. If you are unable to go a day without tension and being triggered, the recommendation is that we meet weekly. This is re-evaluated after four weeks.

If you are currently practicing some basic tools, the recommendation is that we meet every two weeks.   

Question: How do online sessions work?

Answer: Majority of our couples participate in online sessions. The approach and techniques have been effective with elevating couples to the level they desire. Online sessions are just as effective as in-person.  In some cases, online sessions have been more beneficial for the couples because there is no need to commute from the session.     

Question: How will we know when we're done?

Answer: Overcoming a relationship challenge is a goal. We will identify the desired metrics (thoughts, feelings and behaviors). The model that we will follow is designed to provide awareness of the notable progress. It will be clear to both of you when you have arrived to your desired state. 

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