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White Sand and Stone



Why It Works

As humans we are uniquely designed to recall thoughts and images from our mind.  This is a part of our conscious mind.  With each experience, we also store feelings in our body.  This is part of our subconscious. Feelings, from the body, are precursors to the thoughts in the mind.  And our behavior is a response to such thoughts and feelings.  

Our integrated hypnotherapy techniques guide you to release the emotions linked to a particular event, the root cause, that 


causes you to have specific thoughts and behaviors.  In addition to releasing the un-serving emotions, it's important that your true essence, your power, is restored and that the mind is "programmed" with a different perspective of the triggering event. To maximize the time with the subconscious, we blend a variety of techniques into our holistic hypnotherapy sessions.

We Specialize In


Relationship Challenges 

Communication, Intimacy, Infidelity, Trust & Money 

Fears and Phobias

Flying, Aging, Heights, Failure, Success & Commitment

Emotional Behaviors

Anger, Self Esteem, Negative Outlook, Gambling & Smoking 


Well Being

Sleep, Body Weight, Pursue Your Passion & Body Image

Masculine & Feminine Wounds

Over-Controlling, Thinking More Than Feeling, Submissive & All Work-No Play


Inner Child Trauma

Feelings Of Not Good Enough, Abandonment, Not Seen Or Heard

What To Expect

Before Hypnosis

There will be a short review of some basic administrative questions.

All of your questions will be answered and you will begin to feel relaxed during this time.

We will discuss the details related to what you would like to address during the session.

This portion takes about 30 minutes

During Hypnosis

Expect to simply feel relaxed with closed eyes. You'll be seated comfortably.

We will be in dialogue most of the time. At no time will you be asleep or unaware of your surroundings.

This is where the therapeutic work is done.

This portion lasts about 2 hours

After Hypnosis

We will not review your session in detail.  We will, however, go over some key details.

You will receive some guidance related to how to allow the process to be integrated.

We will check-in on the phone two days and ten days after your session.

This portion takes about 30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Will I be "brain-washed" and end up doing things that I don't want to do?

Answer: No. You will be fully aware of everything being said during hypnosis. The state of hypnosis is similar to when you day-dream.  You're aware of all around you. 

Question: How quick can I expect results?

Answer: Each person experiences the conscious/subconscious integration differently. With this, if the root cause was cleared, it can take up to 10-days for your changes to be realized. Your therapist will check-in on you two and ten days after your session. 

Question: Does hypnotherapy work for online sessions?

Answer:  Absolutely. The work is done verbally with eyes closed. The effectiveness and results are the same as if in person.

Question: Will I be asleep during hypnosis?

Answer: No.  Some people may fall asleep during parts of the session. Your therapist is aware when this happens and is able to to bring you back into the proper state for the work to be done.   

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