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White Sand and Stone

Energy Work

Astral & Physical Body

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Why It's Important To Heal Your Energy Body?

At the elementary level of physics, it’s clear that all matter is made up of molecules. Even something that is solid, such as a chair, is vibrating all the time. Humans are no exception—we are always vibrating too.

Having a harmonized vibration is important to our over well-being.  

The physical body is what we usually treat when there's a muscle pain, disease, allergic reaction of emotional imbalance. Thanks to modern medicine and some very effective modalities, people are able to synthetically manipulate the biochemistry and achieve intended results of being pain-free, mitigate allergic reactions and rebalance their chemical composition.

As we live in a time when comfort can be easily achieved with a supplement, many dismiss the root cause for their symptoms and the other parts of their human 

  • clarity in thinking

  • release thoughts that trap you in limitations

  • remove emotional blockages

  • rid your body of chronic pain

  • overcome fears

  • improve your relationship

  • feel grounded

Why This Course Is So Powerfully Effective

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Mira, the course facilitator, has a direct link to Pleiades and has been working with universal energies and transforming people's lives for more than 30 years. She is a keeper of ancient knowledge and energies and she has the ability to define events.

Mira has healed, transformed and taught countless souls to become a vibrant light. 

​Her teachings are not part of a religion or belief system. Her teachings and work come directly from our authentic source. 

As part of our human experience, we all have a purpose. 

A large part of this purpose is to increase the vibration of energy that is absolute - the energy that comes from unconditional love.

Mira has designed this course to guide you into that higher vibration and to teach you how to work with others. 

With the intention of transforming those who are ready across the globe, we honor how energy is not constrained by space or time, and will host this course online live. 

Your Investment & What To Expect

Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  What if I already work with chakras, do Reiki and other energy work? Can I still benefit from this course?

Answer:  Working with Pleiades will introduce you to a new level of the chakra system.  You will also open the fields beyond the modern day seven chakras and create your own matrix codes.     

Question:  How can I be healed from an online course?

Answer:  Energy is not constrained or limited by space or time. While online, Mira is able to hold you in space while using energy to clear your system and body, review your programming and recharge your astral body. You will feel the changes.

Question:  What happens if I cannot make it to one of the online classes?

Answer:  Each class will be video/audio recorded. These recordings will be made available to you.

Question:  What is/ who is Pleiades?

Answer:  Pleiades healing energy is derived from a star cluster. This energy is accessible to all humans. Some people are born with direct access to Pleiades and others invest in learning how to connect with this powerful energy source. The Pleiadeans are dedicated to raising the vibration of our planet and sharing new consciousness through creations and technology. 

Question:  When can I expect to notice a difference within myself during this course?

Answer:  This is a common question that can only be answered when you experience the energy clearing and activation.  Typically people notice a sense of calmness and a shift in how they feel after the first time Mira works with them. With this, the total physical body, mindset and energy levels will improve as you do the work with Pleiades and during your independent work between each class. 

Question:  Will I be trained to use the techniques with other people/ clients?

Answer:  Yes. This course is designed to teach you how to become proficient with the techniques. You be a subject matter expert on the chakra system and you will be able to elevate your practice with others. 

Question:  Can I take only the Core Program or do I need to sign up  for the entire program?

Answer: You may register for only the Core Program. With this, the results of mastery cannot truly be achieved. The "Mastering Your Practice" portion is designed to continue your learning and practicing of your techniques with the guidance of Mira. To accommodate your desires, you will be able to register for this part of the course on a month to month basis 

Question:  Is there an option for making payments?

Answer:  Yes. The priority is to get the right people into the course so that they can raise their vibration.  We will accommodate plans to ensure affordability.  

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